Meet The Munchers

Our ever growing team of mini-treasures

Munch (Matilda)
10yr old miniature Shetland mare.
5yr old miniature Shetland mare.
21yr old Welsh Pony.
4yr old Skewbald miniature Shetland stallion.
3yr old miniature Shetland gelding.
1yr old miniature Shetland filly.
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About Diane Harmer

Hi I am Diane Harmer, I have held a tremendous love for ponies since a very young age. I started with one miniature Shetland about five years ago and now the collection has grown to 10 ponies of all shapes, sizes and colours. Working for myself as a professional within the care industry I am in a fortunate position in that, I am able to incorporate my hobby within my work commitments. All of the ponies are my pets, I choose very carefully which one to use for a particular event and I always place their welfare first.


I firmly believe that all of the pony activities should be foremost - a fun filled enjoyable experience - there is nothing regimental here with us, although, safety is always of paramount importance.


We endeavour to cater for all, at a range of prices our clients can afford.


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Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum, Harveys Lane, BN8 5AF

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